About us

Pawtbelly’s why is the maddening love of dogs. It’s that simple. These amazing intelligent creatures we are blessed to have in our lives. When I started, I just had one thing in mind, to do whatever I could, to make sure our dog folks are healthy, that they live as long as possible with us. Because after I saw what processed food was doing to them, I just couldn’t un-see it. I had to make an alternative that was natural and chemical free. What makes my heart swell every night is knowing all the dogs that are eating my food are healthy and are happy, dancing around at the sight of their Pawtbelly meal. Our heroes.


As a company, we are obsessed over quality. Whatever means we have, are solely directed to ensuring our benchmark. We falter, because we are human. What we do next is what makes us, well us. We accept and we correct. We talk at 12 am, we talk at 4 am. We lose our sleep if one of our doggies is not well. We have gone to 20-hour workdays when needed. Our dogs eat Pawtbelly, so we better create only what we can feed them. Nothing below our own standards.


We don’t believe in getting away with mediocracy, we hold ourselves accountable. You will never hear from an employee that what we make is just for a dog. What you will see is all major business decisions rooting from ground-up. From our employees who know their stuff, way better than I do. I am so extremely proud of my team, the amazing sense of loyalty they have shown over the years. I can proudly say that they run the company, I do not. I am the most dispensable person in my team, no one else is.


We realise that our what we set out to do is both bold and ambitious. We are aiming to dramatically improve and change the way that our dogs are fed, reset the industry. The challenge is huge. This adventure is not for the faint of heart. And we are all in it, with heart and soul.


So when you place an order with us, do tell this story to your dog and tell him/her that Django says hi, and that he has made us work pretty hard to deliver the great food we make. It matters to your dog.

Do drop in a HI or a woof at!