How it works

  1. Choose your product
  2. Place an Order just like on any online portal
  3. Select the mode of payment. You will be taken to a payment gateway where you can choose Credit, Debit cards, or Net Banking. You can also select Cash on Delivery.
  • Usually we deliver the next morning of placing the order, but we will inform you in case the slots are full and we can deliver after the next morning. This helps us serve your dog freshest possible food, made to order.
  • If you order a monthly subscription, we will deliver food every 4th morning, the quantity depends on the subscription you have chosen.
  • Every box has a 'Best before' date, if your dog is consuming the food before that date, only refrigeration will be fine; if not, put the food in the freezer
  • It is not essential to heat the food, take your pick!  
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