Fish Meal 1 kg

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Fish Meal 1 kg
Fish Meal 1 kg Fish Meal 1 kg Fish Meal 1 kg Fish Meal 1 kg

1 Kg of Delicious Fish Dog Food mildly cooked with super ingredients.

Main ingredients: Human grade Fish, Organs, Brown Rice, Eggs, Vegetables, Chicken, and our special Nutri-mix.

This meal is perfect to be fed twice a week if you want an amazing coat for your buddy. The omegas do all the magic. We use freshwater Sardines, they are the best fish your dog can have, and the bones get soft and crunchy after cooking, don't worry they do no harm to your dog.

This is for dogs who love novelty protein in their food, aka all dogs! Regular feeding of different proteins ensures that your dog does not develop allergy to the most commonly fed protein(chicken) because of feeding it for a long time.

Builds natural stamina and boosts immunity, helps maintain optimum weight with the required amount of fats and energy.

All our products are specially vacuum packaged and pasteurised to retain the taste, freshness, and nutrition! 

Total of 4 packs * 250g = 1 KG