Monthly Subscription: Fish Meal

Rs. 4,400.00 Rs. 4,720.00

Monthly Subscription: Fish Meal
Monthly Subscription: Fish Meal Monthly Subscription: Fish Meal

This is what we call the heaven in dog language. If you have decided to move your  dog away from kibble, or are looking at a natural food option that has Fish meat, Ground Bones, Brown Rice, Eggs, Vegetables, and our special Nutri Mix; you gotta try this. Works great for all types of dogs.

In our experience, this food has stabilised many fussy eaters to a hassle-free choice. Dogs find it tasty enough to eat daily, and parents find poop to reduce half in size and smell. Because we have a no-trashy-carbs policy, dogs become leaner and more active, even in old age. 

Popular with: All dogs in general, but Indies, Cockers, Labs, and Rotties specially.

All our products are specially vacuum packaged and pasteurised to retain the taste, freshness, and nutrition! 

All foods need refrigeration since we do not add any preservatives. But you can serve it hot or cold/room temperature, depends on your dog's preference.