Monthly Subscription-GraFiChiLL

Rs. 4,485.00

Monthly Subscription-GraFiChiLL
Monthly Subscription-GraFiChiLL Monthly Subscription-GraFiChiLL

Different variety of recipe is been included in GraFiChiLL 

""Every 5th-day delivery is done at your doorsteps and a total of 6 Deliveries for a month""

A healthy mix of fresh Chicken, Fish and Lamb in the meals mildly cooked with super ingredients, delivered across the month. Every batch contains Chicken, Grain-free Chicken, Lite along with Lamb and Fish meals.

Main ingredients: Human grade Chicken, Fish, Lamb, Organs, Ground Bones, Brown Rice, Eggs, Vegetables, And our very special Vitamin, Omega-rich Nutri-Mix.

Builds natural stamina and boosts immunity, helps maintain optimum weight with the required amount of fats and energy.

All our products are specially vacuum packaged in bio-degradable pouches, and pasteurised to retain the taste, freshness, and nutrition! 

Also get an automatic 10% discount added to your monthly order at checkout!