Leanut Gravy1 kg

Rs. 419.00

Leanut Gravy1 kg

Hey doggie!!! we promise, you lick your lips after having tasty LEANUT Gravy mash. It is filled with emotions, love and healthy fresh and natural ingredients. We assure you that your dog wag their tail after having our LEANUT Gravy.

LEANUT Gravy comes in pouches which is ready to eat. Just Cut Pour & Serve.

Total of 4 packs * 250g = 1 KG

Main Ingredients :-

  • Peanut-butter
  • Eggs
  • oil
  • Chicken minced
  • Pumpkin batter
  • Liver pieces
  • Gizzard pieces.
  • Chemical-free Calcium supplements.

Popular with: All dogs in general.

Good for puppies weaned from mother's milk and senior dogs.

No added preservatives or chemicals to any of our products. Our  products are  specially taken care and Vacuum packed, please store food in Refrigerator.