Premium Farm Fresh Food Almost as Epic as your Dog




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What do the doggos say

"Well he took long enough to get my food right..But I will cut him some slack coz he loves me so much. Dad almost tears up every time he sees me excited about food. But that's him, always making such a big deal out of my little things ;)"--Princess Liea

"I am a new Dog. The girls agree. My coat is shiny, poop so nice and firm! I run around the garden more, and not to the vet every month. And Mom loves it that there is no scratching anymore! My Mom's friends keep asking her how she does it!" --Django


Our main ingredients. That's what makes your relationship with your Dog worth it.

How it works

We know the ropes of dog food craft. You place an order, we make it fresh, and deliver to your doorstep.