Fresh dog food

100% Natural 


Home delivered

Pawtbelly is

- Human-Grade
- 100% Chemical n Preservative FREE.
- Exceeds AAFCO industry standards
- Contains minced bones, marrow, and offal(organ meat)
- Gently cooked so that nutrients stay
- Hygienically Vacuum Packed
- With no harmful fillers like wheat, corn, and soy.
- Home-delivered at great prices.

Just open the pouch and serve.

Real food, Real Goodness.

Why is Processed Food Bad

Processed Food is:
- Main Dish: CARBS
- Side dish: Animal DISCARDS, DEAD and DISEASED and roadkill animals
- Garnish: CHEMICALS and Preservatives.

Result: Cancer, Renal failure, Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Condition, Infections, Obesity, Painful old age.

See the process of making Kibble

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Ordered the chicken meal for my dog patches who absolutely polished her bowl every time. Delivery was easy and Pawtbelly's personal communication with customers is a lovely touch. Overall very satisfied.

– Adwitee Dey

I am returning to Pawtbelly after trying many options and brands of kibble and home cooked food. She was healthy with her coat shiny while she was on Pawtbelly meals... and I am back now to an even better Pawtbelly with vacuum sealed packs! Thank you Team PawtBelly for making my Rottie’s belly happy :)

– Bhanu Dasgupta

Really really happy with the quality of the food and packaging. Delivery is spot on. Dogs love it too. :)

– Gautam John

Pawtbelly is exactly what can be defined as care for our puppy babies. Our picky, and not to forget obese, puppy Hash now runs between doors during dinner time. That's how much he loves the food. Lest we forget, he's lost about 4 kgs in thethe one monthmonth of proper food delivered on time by Pawtbelly.

– Vidya Loganathan

Our Loopy loves her food a lot more now. She savours it (I kid you not), going by now and again during the day to check if she left a crumb or two, giving any empty bowls a wishful lick! The food is clearly more healthy than her ex-food - kibble. The coordination with the monthly subscription is just right - I don't have to do anything, you deliver when we're a meal away from being done. We love it right along with her. Thank you!

– Sangitha K

My dogs love it and eat it without any fuss - which is a big deal! I've seen an improvement in their energy levels and digestion. Delivery is timely and the subscriptions are a very good balance of cost and quality. Highly recommended!

– Prakhar


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