Chicken Meal 1 kg

Rs. 350.00

Chicken Meal 1 kg
Chicken Meal 1 kg Chicken Meal 1 kg Chicken Meal 1 kg Chicken Meal 1 kg

PawtBelly Premium Farm Fresh Food. Almost as Epic as your Dog. Natural food that is Human-grade, free from colours, chemicals, taste enhancers, and preservatives. This food has un-fussed many fussy eaters. No filler carbs are like soy, wheat, corn are used, hence dogs become leaner, active and their coat shines. Dogs love to eat daily, and parents find poop to reduce half in size and smell. All our products are specially vacuum packaged to retain the taste, freshness, and nutrition! All foods need refrigeration since we do not add any preservatives. But you can serve it hot or cold, depends on your dog's preference. This is a pouch of heaven in dog language. 

Main ingredients: Human grade Chicken, Organs, Ground Bones, Eggs, Vegetables, Brown Rice and our special Nutri Mix.

Popular with: All dogs in general, but Indies, Cockers, Labs, and Rotties specially.

Good for puppies weaned from mother's milk and senior dogs wih no health issues.